Phone Us Now! - 0407 576 793

Phone Us Now! - 0407 576 793

Welcome to Dig & Grind - Canberra

- Mini-Excavation and Stump Grinding Services -

About Us

Our team

Well, whats to tell? Our team consists of a couple of straight up legends! With Mick 'The Operator' for all your heavy duty needs and Lisa 'The Bursar' for all that paperworky stuff! This is the team for Dig & Grind in Canberra.

Our history

Not gonna lie, this business still has that 'New Car Smell' but combining Mick's skillset and work history as 'Machinery God' and 'Destroyer of Stumps', and Lisa's 'Level headedness' and business administration acumen you'll be as comfortable as Vegemite on Toast.  

For Stump Grinding in Canberra, Landscaping in Canberra call Dig & Grind Today.

Our specialities

  • Tight Access Excavation - With a wheelbase width of 105 centimeters, Micks Kanga excavator (Kenny) can maneuver its way down the tightest of garden paths. 'The Operator' knows how to get into tight spots, and has a few tricks up his sleeve for ensuring your luscious lawn doesn't cop a beatin'.
  • Mechanical Stump Grinding - Get rid of those pesky tree stumps, modern technology offers a fairly quick and easy process for removing stumps and roots. Give us a go and no longer be held hostage by your stump filled yard!
  • Granite Paths and Driveways - If you are looking for a bit of space for any extra vehicles you have acquired, just let 'The Operator' step in and drop in some crushed granite, it looks great and its a cost effective low maintenance solution.
  • All Gardening Services - Not all of us have a green thumb, so if its general gardening services you are after 'The Operator' can step down from the rig and lend a hand.
  • Yard Cleanup - If you spend most of your time playing computer games or just not giving a hoot about having a clean yard, let us help! We offer trash removal and can offer disposal of tons of green waste!
  • Landscaping - If you are too busy man-scaping, let us do your landscaping! If you have new home and want it to look lived in or you have an older home and it just doesn't look as good as the 'Jones' give us a call.
  • Turfing - We love grass! We can lay either real or plastic and 'Kenny' can ensure it becomes nice and level, ask us about dropping a golf cup in the yard for you to practice your putting!


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Dig & Grind

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